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Originally from Italy’s lush and green region of Umbria, Carlo Zuccherini has professionally worked as a chef in Michelin-starred restaurants across Italy, New York City and Amsterdam. In 2012, his passion for discovery and promoting ingredients of exceptional quality led him to focus on the importation of Champagne, wine, and fresh, foraged truffles to the Netherlands, where he is currently based. Since then, Zuccherini has maintained an outstanding reputation as one of the Netherland’s top importers in these categories. 

Wines and their producers are carefully chosen based on the most discerning criteria, and only after several on-site visits to the wineries themselves. Each producer follows biodynamic and sustainable farming practices, with minimal intervention in the vineyards allowing nature to take its own course. Thereafter, wines are frequently tasted to ensure the consistency of their excellent quality.

CWT distributes to private clients, HORECA and retailers in The Netherlands.