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Nussleiten DOC 2017 - Castel Sallegg

Nussleiten DOC 2017 - Castel Sallegg

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Nessleiten is an opulent wine with a seductive aroma of plum. Elderberry and delicate notes of vanilla and roast coffee. Mature on the palate, rich and strong, reminiscent of a Bordeaux, with elegant and slightly spicy hints of red pepper.

The special microclimate of Lake Caldaro is where Merlot Nussleiten thrives on a vineyard measuring just 0.5 ha located at 230 m above sea level, which consists of only eight rows of vines.

The grapes hang just 40 cm from the ground (the normal distance is 70 cm) and can thus absorb the warmth from the soil, which aids the ripening process.

The plants are over 25 years in age and their yield is reduced to just one cluster per vine.

Merlot grapes are also carefully treated in the cellar: after gentle fermentation, the Nussleiten ages for two years in new barrique casks, providing elegance and longevity.

Region: Sud Tiröl - Alto Adige, Italy 

Denomination: DOC 

Variety: Merlot

Color: Red

Vintage: 2017

Alcohol: 14%

Size: 0,75L

Farming: Sustainable

Ageing: 18 m/ new oak barriques  + 1 y/ bottle 

Food paring: Roasted lamb, Tournedos Rossini, mature cheeses


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